Things to know about raked ceiling


Cathedral ceiling is one of the most new concepts that can give your room a fancy and modern look. If you are attracted to the hut shape ceilings and want to make a bungalow in a forest then this ceiling can enhance the beauty of your home. This ceiling looks like the centre point of the wall is high and the other two sides are sloping down. This is the basic look of the cathedral ceiling but you can do more with it.

raked ceilingHow to select the right material for making cathedral ceiling?

Cathedral ceiling is also known as raked ceiling in the market of architecture. If you are thinking that how to make this ceiling then you will glad to know that in these days you will get various architecture companies that can give you plan for making a raked ceiling. But the basic thing is to select the right material for making it and the following part of the article will help you to know that in detail.

•    You can talk to the architect of your home about making cathedral ceiling and the professional will help you giving you proper idea about the ceiling and its materials. There are various materials that can be used to make this ceiling but you will have to select right one and in this case a professional can help you the best.

•    You can use clay tiles, high quality fiber glass and more to make the ceiling. You should keep in mind the budget and the look of your room while selecting the material for making the ceiling.

•    Apart from these you will have to take some other materials that will allow the airflow within the gap in the ceiling and the according to the technology you will have to collect some other materials to give it a complete look.

•    Whatever the material is but you should keep in mind that the quality of the materials should be satisfactory. You should always go for a high quality material that is durable and long lasting otherwise it may become troublesome in future.

•    You should consider the size and the quantity of the material as well while going to make a proper ceiling for your home. The joints should be properly installed to make the ceiling attractive and perfect at the same time.

The above given points should be kept in your mind while going to select the materials for your home ceiling. Your home is your dream project and you should never compromise with it. The architectures will always be there to guide you and you will be beneficial if you follow their suggestion. The materials should be good in quality and proper for your home at the same time. This new technology is overall very beneficial and you will get a unique room as a result.

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